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Baby Bunnies Eating A Carrot [x]

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I’m not using this blog anymore. See me here: whatcouldgohuang


I’m in HK, 5 days away from the flight back to the bury. I’m really bored even though I shouldn’t be.

I was considering starting a new food blog but I probably won’t because I ended this blog for two reasons:

1. Because caskit was (secretly) about being a whiny brat because of my living situation and 
2. I admit now that food blogs just feed my validation complex and I need to learn to stop needing people to read my thoughts and agree with me.

but I’m reallllly bored and wasting time right now. 

I think I’m done with tumblr but I appreciate the people I’ve met here, especially the ones that have shared my appreciation for science and food. Please friend me on facebook if you want to keep in touch! If you don’t know my real name, pm me


gettingtoknow-blank asked: What year are you..?


chicken parm for 1.

Synapsis. Would eat again.